Traditional Indian CUISINE


A classic meeting point for food lovers and our local customers, in the centre of Burnham High Street!

Onion Bhaji

Superb Nashta (Starters)

All starters are served with a crispy salad and homemade chutney.Please do not hesitate to ask a team member if you would like a specific starter you don't see on our menu, all food on our premises made fresh and cooked to order.

Sharisha Beef Tikka

Tandoori Roasts & Grills

All of our dishes are free from additives and food colouring, tandoor is traditionally associated with Punjab, as punjabis embraced the tandoor on a regional level, and became popular in the mainstream after the 1947 partition.

Chicken Tava

Street Food Treats

Akash street food selection are carefully cooked to give our guests the true taste & a chance to explore the beautiful street food aromas on every street corner from Agra to Mumbai, all of thease dishes are cooked in a griddle (Tava) medium hot. Leave us a review at TripAdvisor

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