Akash Signature & Regional Dishes

Akash Signature & Regional Dishes

    All of these dishes are cooked in Dhaba roadside style one pot cooking with no colour or additives.
  • Venison Jalfry

    A very well known dish from the land of famous forts & palaces, a medium hot spiced curry

  • Syheti Kofta Bhuna

    Minced lamb sheek cooked in a thick sauce with green herbs and five spiced ginger

  • Monkfish Malabari (N)

    Marinated in roasted spices and pan fried served in a tomato and coconut sauce, medium.

  • Curried Keralan King Prawn

    Golden roasted coconut and mustard curry in traditional keralan spices

  • Haandi Goat or Chicken

    A very traditional on the bone curry cooked with garlic and ginger, in a thick tomato based sauce, Medium to Hot.

  • Special Mixed Massala

    A very popular clay oven mixed served with rice and massala sauce

  • Roast Bengal Chicken

    A very popular dish from Bangladesh, on the bone chicken char-grilled and then cooked with red onion, green peppers, with medium spices garnished with coriander

  • Kamali Mirchi Lamb

    Diced lamb in a medium to hot thick sauce cooked with fresh garlic, ginger, red onions and fried chillies. A very popular Madras dish.

  • Haryali Garlic Chilli Chicken

    Cooked with fresh green chillies & lime finished with mustard and curry leaves

  • Colaba Chicken

    Chicken Breast marinated and stuffed with homemade cheese and spinach famous from the streets of Mumbai

  • Alleppey Mango & Donya Chicken

    Marinated breast of chicken strips cooked in a mild mango sauce

  • Goan Lamb Shank

    Lamb shank slowly cooked with fresh herbs & spices with lentils in a medium thick sauce

  • Calcutta Slow Cooked Lamb

    Slow cooked lamb in medium spices cooked with spinach and chickpea

  • Mishti Kaddhu Beef

    Beef pieces cooked in medium spices cooked with sweet pumpkin, famous in Chennai

  • Sylheti Naga

    Your choice of meat cooked in garlic, green & red peppers in a thick sauce with naga chillies. A very popular hot dish from Bangladesh.

  • Gosht Laziz

    Tender pieces of lamb cooked in fresh herbs & spices with fenugreek

  • Agra Lamb Naryal Curry (N)

    Lamb cooked with coconut milk flavoured with cardamom & saffron, from the land of the Taj Mahal

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