Welcome to Akash

We are closing for refurbishment on the 10th September and will reopen on the 24th September

Akash is an established family owned restaurant since 1981. We are pleased Akash is going through a refurbishment from mid August and reopening in early September. Our cooks have been with us for many years and will be assisted by new award winning chefs.

So many Indian restaurants in the uk try and pass their dishes on as traditional indian cuisine, but the truth is you are not tasting real Indian cooking!

Akash philosophy is that hand-made cooking tastes delicious. How do we know that? We know that because this is the food that we eat at home with family and friends.

Our food is always fresh. Our dishes contain 100% natural ingredients and free from food colouring and additives.

Why not come and visit our refurbished restaurant and sample the real taste of India in stylish yet traditional surroundings

Chef Ash & Kamali